Do you sell your Soundpods in pairs?

We currently have 2 series:

Single Soundpod

  1. Black Gunmetal Pod
  2. Black Silver Pod
  3. Rose Pink Pod
  4. White Silver Pod

Paired Soundpods ( 2 Units )

  1. Solid Black Pods
  2. Pure White Pods

Can I buy 2 single pods and use them as a pair?

Unfortunately, most current blue tooth output devices (Phones/Computers) only support 1 audio output. You may be able to pair 2 pods with 1 device, but as there is only 1 output, there will only be active sound pairing with just 1 pod. We highly recommend checking out our paired pods as they come with an additional charging and carrying case, and can be connected to your device individually or as a pair.

Are your Pods compatible with my device?

Our pods are compatible with all blue tooth enabled devices. This includes: Android devices of all brands, Apple iPhones/iPads, Windows Smartphones and any other devices that allows blue tooth connectivity.

Are the Pods waterproof?

While the pods are not meant for water sports like diving or swimming. It is sweat proof and can be used for sporting activities like running, cycling and hiking.

How often do I have to charge the Pods?

The pods have been tested to last on 3-5 hours playback for music and 4-6 hours on voice calls. This however is also dependent on your individual devices and settings. Battery life may differ base on your personal usage, a typical user would only need to charge the pods once every 3-4 days.

If the Pods are wireless how do I charge them?

The single pod units charge via a USB charging cable which is provided in the package sent to you. The paired pods unit come with a charging case where you can place them in, and are charged via the case-usb connection.

The charging case does not charge the pods on it's own, it requires the USB charging cable to power and charge the pods.

How long is the shipping? What if it is damaged when I receive it?

Estimated shipping is at 3-4 weeks as our current inventory levels are low. You may check with us for urgent shipping for limited colors available. We guarantee that our product reaches you intact and in good condition. Otherwise do drop us an email at support@earpodstore.online

How long will it take for my Pods to reach me?

Shipping will take 3-4 weeks, kindly wait this time period to receive your product. Thank you for your patience.

Can I purchase express shipping?

Yes, kindly drop support@earpodstore.online an email. Do note that this is subject to our inventory availability.

What is your Free Insurance for?

When you purchase with us, we guarantee that the pods will reach you in good condition. Which also means, if the item gets lost in transit or there are any postal glitches which results in the loss of your item, we will replace it for free!

What is your Return/Refund Policy?

We have a 45 days return policy. Depending on the reason of the return, there may be a small shipping fee required. Do contact our support at support@earpodstore.online for more information.

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